2020 Palau Zeus and Pegasus Silver Gold Slater $2 Coin Box + COA


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Agnes Baldwin Brett in 1924 identified some 41 distinct stater issues
over a period of no more than sixty years in the fourth century BC,
which shows there was strong economic activity in Lampsakos, until the
arrival of Alexander the Great, thanks to its strategic position as a
harbor on the eastern entrance to the Hellespont.

The city had been under Persian control from 498/497 BC,

when a son-in-low of Darios I had conquered the city after a

revolt of Ionian cities, until the 450s BC when it had joined

the Delian League after the death of its ruler
the exiled Athenian general Themistokles (who had been given the
governorship of the Magnesian district by Artaxerxes).

Metal .999 Silver Plated in 24 Carat gold

Weight:12 Grams

Diameter: 25 mm

Denomination: Two Dollars

Mintage 500