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The Coin Connection is a British Collectible Coin Company, with a full range of commemorative coins and other products available, for sale in the UK and across the World. We provide a one stop shop for rare, commemorative and collectible coins from around the World.

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In our collections, you will find back dated coins and uncirculated coins, from countries including Australia, China and the US and many more. Click the button below to see a full list of coins from a variety of different countries.

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Looking for a particular theme? As well as being able to shop by country, we also have the option of browsing by theme. From the Beatrix Potter Coin Range to the Sovereign Range, we stock them all.

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We stock a wide range of First Day Covers (FDC) otherwise known as Philatelic Numismatic Combination (PNC).  Make sure to check out the collection below.

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