The Memorial Three-Coin Sovereign Set 2022



The 2022 Memorial  Three-Coin  Sovereign Set features The Royal Arms

 to commemorate a life of Devotion and Service of  HM Queen Elizabeth II

The set contains, Full, Half and Quarter Proof Sovereign

The history of the sovereign can be traced back to the fifteenth century,

four years after the Battle of Bosworth.

This decisive battle of the War of the Roses.

The new Tudor King Henry VII celebrated the stability of his realm with

‘A new Coin of Gold’

The Sovereign was named to honour the king.

The Sovereign a statement of wealth and strength.

Of the new Tudor dynasty the defining feature of this magnificent coin

was a portrait of England’s monarch.

Every year a judicial ceremony called

‘The Trial of Pyx’ meets as it has done for over 700 hundred year.

At the ‘trial’ an independent panel sworn in by HM Queen

ascertains whether the coins made by the Royal Mint

are the correct weight, diameter and composition of the coins.

As required by law.

This  Sovereign Set has a numbered certificate of Authenticity, box and cardboard outer.


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