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Britannia a symbol intertwined in our history for centuries.

Since 2013 the Royal mint has issued a different

proof coin  design each year since.

Made with . 999% Silver

This 2020  Silver Brilliant Uncirculated Britannia  £2 coin is lovely

The illustrious heroine, conceived by the Romans and embraced by the nation she represents.

 This beautiful coin  comes  complete  Certificate of Authenticity, box and cardboard outer.

Metal: .999%  fine silver

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

Denomination: Two Pounds

Diameter: 38.61  mm

Weight: 31.21 grams

In 1282, the coins struck by the Royal Mint were independently   and rigorously checked to determine their quality and   fineness, it is known as the Trial of the Pyx and today over 700 years later, it still takes place. Every year an independent jury, sworn in by the Queen’s Remembrancer, ascertains whether the coins made by the Royal Mint are of the correct weight, diameter and composition required by law. This means you can rest assured that the coin or coins in your possession are of the highest quality.



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