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The House of Windsor came into being in July 1917, when George V issued a proclamation that his royal house and family should be known as Windsor. At this time he gave up the name Sax-Coburg-Gothia, which had come to the family in 1840 by marriage. Historians believe that George V and his advisers thought it was inappropriate that his family should bear a German name , while Britain and her Allies were at war with Germany, by adopting this name a new dynasty was born.

Since its inception the House of Windsor, has given us four monarch, and cover a period which as seen a great many changes, and world events, from World War I and World War II. The abdication of King Edward VII so he could marry the woman he loved. His brother Albert became King George VI.

The younger brother of Edward,  George VI never expected to become King, in 1939 he was the first British Monarch to enter the United States of America. During the war he travelled to France and Northern Africa. In 1940 he instituted the George Cross and George Medal, awarded for acts of bravery.

The Windsors were also a public royal presence on the home front, visiting bombed areas in the East End of London. On VE day (Victory in Europe) 8 May 1945, Buckingham Palace was the focal point of the celebrations.

After George VI death his daughter Princess Elizabeth,  became to Queen in 1952.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, still rules today and is the longest serving monarch.

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Reverse Designer : Timothy Noad

Obverse Designer: Jody Clark

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