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Celebration of the Reign of George III 2020 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin Box+ COA


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King George III  is the longest reigning king in British history. During his reign of 59 years, the United Kingdom fought wars with France and America. He was also witness to the incredible changes experienced in agricultural and industrial revolutions.

King George is more widely known for his ‘madness’. A chemical analysis of the king’s hair found concentrations of arsenic that are many times greater than normal, according to a study in 2005. Scientists believe the arsenic may have caused the onset of an inherited predisposition to an illness called porphyria, a metabolic disease that causes a build up of toxins in the blood. That could explain why King George III suffered such severe attacks so late in his life.


This silver proof piedfort coin comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, box and cardboard outer

Metal: .925 Silver

Weight: 56.56 Grams

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Denomination: Five Pounds

Quality: Proof

estimated disspatch around 10  working days

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