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Brilliant Uncirculated Hylaeosaurus 2020 UK 50p


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For many the world of dinosaurs has held our imagination for many years, to think that some of these massive creatures roamed the earth before man, is truly wonderful.

William Buckland  (1784-1856 was an English Paleontologist who made  detailed documentation of the dinosaur fossil he named for it ‘Megalosaurus’  which was discovered in Kirkdale. Overtime more fossils were found and British anatomist Richard Owen was the first scientist to realize that the fossilized remains of three creatures, all shared common characteristics, he used the term ‘Dinosauria’ to describe this new group of animals.

This coin features the third and final dinosaur in the series is Hylaeosaurus


This  50p coin pack is sealed in original mint packaging


estimated delivery  around 2 weeks