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Every year since 2012 the Royal Mint has issued a Five pound  Remembrance coin on behalf of Alderney, featuring a poppy design.
This years coin is accompanied by a poem ‘We Who Remain’ written by ex soldier Anthony Devanney .
Anthony first enlisted into his local Infantry Battalion, The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, which is now part of The Yorkshire Regiment. Over his 23 years in the British Army, Anthony served in many operations, including Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and three tours of Afghanistan; he received The Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS) for work in Iraq. His poem reminds us that remembrance, conflict and its impact goes on.
We are indeed the lucky and unlucky ones,
As we are the ones who have lived to tell the tales
of those we once knew.
We are the ones who carry those scars of things
seen, done and lost.
We are the ones who must never let those who are
not here be forgotten by the new.
We are the ones who will never need to be
reminded that, “We will remember them,”
As we are the ones who will always remember
those we forever call friend.
This beautiful coin is a silent moment of love and friendship for someone we ave known, someone we have loved pr someone we never knew but whose lives were lost or injured in a conflict past and sadly present.
This beautiful coin comes complete in a sealed gift pack
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Weight: 28.28 Grams
Denomination: Five Pound

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