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2023 The Royal Tudor Beasts – Black Bull of Clarence 1oz Gold Proof Coin


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The Royal Mint has issued the second  coin in the collectable

coin series The Royal Tudor Beasts –  Black Bull of Clarence

The collection will consist of various coins, all depicting the famous heraldic statues,

The ten heraldic beasts that flank the Moat Bridge of

Hampton Court Palace has been standing guard,  for

hundreds of years, representing the legitimacy of the Tudor dynasty.

 Henry VIII was keen to reinforce his right

to rule and heraldry provided the perfect way of not just signifying the

king’s regal lineage but also celebrating his marriage to Jane Seymour,

the daughter of Sir John Seymour and Margery Wentworth.

The coin has achieved the highest grade at NGC PF70

and cardboard outer.

Denomination: 100 Pounds

Weight: 31.10 Grams

Metal: .999.9% Gold

Diameter: 38.61 mm