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In 2016 the Royal Mint has issued a Silver Sixpence.

The first ever silver sixpence struck in more than 60 years

Each vintage silver sixpence was stuck between 1920 and 1946, it bears two designs – a reverse created for King George V or a reserve created for King George VI.

The sixpence of George V who reigned from 1910 to 1936, bears a reverse design by George William de Saulies with a lion above a crown.

The obverse portrait of the king, the only coinage of his reign was created by Bertram Mackennal, an Austrian artist.

The sixpence from the reign of George VI has the Kruger Grey’s design of the king’s

royal cypher topped by a crown with the obverse portrait by Humprhey Paget.

This is the only effigy of the king to be struck in his reign from 1936 to 1952.

The latest 2016 created for Her Majesty the Queen coin comes complete with booklet

Metal: .926 Silver

Weight: 2.83 Grams

Diameter: 19.40 mm

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

Denomination: Sixpence


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