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In 2013 Her Majesty the Queen celebrated the Diamond Anniversary of her Coronation.

To make the occasion , the Royal Mint issued, this wonderful Silver  Proof  Five Pound  four Coin set.

Each coin depicts Her Majesty’s Portrait, from when she was crowned.

Her First Portrait was designed by Mary Gillick (1881-1965), in Her Coronation year, Mary Gillick created the first coinage. She captured Her Majesty the Queen’s youthfulness and promise of the young Elizabeth in a design, that echoed the classical tradition, The Queen wearing a wreath of laurel.

Her Second Portrait was designed by Arnold Machin (1911-1999). Prepartions for decimalisation began, secretly in 1962. Sculptor Arnold Machin, was selected to model the second portrait of The Queen. Unusually, although still in side-profile. The Queen is almost looking over her shoulder, perhaps prompting John Betjeman’s judgement of the portrait a little ‘racy’.

The third portrait, by Raphael Maklouf (1937-Present)  first appeared in 1985. It is again a formal portrait, somewhat idealised almost symbolic – and coupled on the coin for the first time in The Queen’s reign. The portrait served the shortest time on Britain’s coin but can be argued to have fulfilled Maklouf’s aim to create a symbol, regal and ageless.

The fourth portrait was designed by Ian Rank Broadley FRBS (1952-Present)  this portrait was adopted in 19898. Ian’s design is strong and real, the portrait, filling the field of the coin. Dr Kevin Clancy director of the Royal Mint Museum, believes that, ‘Compared to the previous portraits, which strove for an ageless quality. Ian Rank Broadley’s portrait of her is much less in that tradition than it is seeking to achieve a more faithful likeness’.

This beautiful set, is a fitting tribute to Her Majesty, who has kept her promise, when she said she would serve her kingdom for all of her life.

The reverse of the coins depicts The Royal Arms designed by James Butler MBE, RA

The coin set comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, informative booklet,

box and cardboard outer.

Each Coin is:

Metal: .925 Silver

Weight: 28.28 Grams

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Denomination: Five Pound

Quality: Proof

In 1282, the coins struck by the Royal Mint were independently   and rigorously checked to determine their quality and   fineness, it is known as the Trial of the Pyx and today over 700 years later, it still takes place. Every year an independent jury, sworn in by the Queen’s Remembrancer, ascertains whether the coins made by the Royal Mint are of the correct weight, diameter and composition required by law. This means you can rest assured that the coin or coins in your possession are of the highest quality.


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