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In 2013 the Royal Mint issued this  wonderful commemorative Gold Fifty Pence Proof Coin to celebrate

the life and times of famous English Composer, Pianist and Conductor

Benjamin Britten.

This brilliant composer was born in 1913, 100 years after the composers Verdi and Wagner.

Benjamin Britten’s birthday falls on the 22 November.

Which is also the feast of St Celicia, the Patron Saint of Music!

In his  busy, but brief life  Benjamin Britten, wrote 75 hours of music, an impressive and diverse body of work.

Ranging across many different genres and moods.

Britten suffered a stroke during heart surgery in 1971,

which resulted in something of a slowdown in his creative activities.

Even since his untimely death in 1976 Britten’s reputation as one of the

greatest musicians of the age continued to grow.

His rejuvenating effect on British music as a whole is still evident

as his works are preformed all over the world.

Britten was an inspiration to many  and he lives on through his wonderful music.

Only 150 of these coins were issued, so its a very rare example.

The coin comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, booklet, box and cardboard outer.

The reverse was designed by Tom Phillips

The obverse depicts Her Majesty the Queen

Metal: .9167 Gold

Diameter: 27.30 mm

Weight: 15.50 Grams

Denomination: Fifty Pence

Quality: Proof

In 1282, the coins struck by the Royal Mint were independently  and rigorously checked to determine their quality and and fineness, It is know as the Trial of the Pyx and today over 700 years later, it still takes place. Every year an independent jury, sworn in by the Queen’s Remembrancer, ascertains whether the coins made by the Royal Mint are of the correct weight, diameter and composition required by law.This means you can rest assured that the coin or coins in your possession are of the highest quality.

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