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Britannia a symbol intertwined in our history for centuries, issued by the Royal mint to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the gold Britannia.

The evocative figure of Britannia has long been a symbol of national pride. She made her debut on the coins of the Romans and has, from Tudor times, beautifully symbolised an empire based maritime power.

The first English coins to bear the figure of Britannia were the copper coins of Charles II and, always reflecting the changing status of the island nation as well as her ancient origins. She has never been absent from the coinage since.

Her elevation to the gold coinage came in 1987, when she was chosen to adorn the four new coins deliberately designed for the gold markets of the modern world.

Britannia great and free, has fascinated artists and sculptors throughout her long history and remains a favourite icon for British stamps, medals and coins.

This image of Britannia, standing on the shoreline  as both protector and peacemaker, with her hair and gown streaming in the sea breeze. Holding a trident in her out stretched hand, while he other hand is resting on a shield. Her helmet recalls her roman ancestry, its elongated visor and plume giving her an elegance and grace that no way detracts from her inherent strength.

The bold design and the original portrait of Britannia was created by sculptor Philip Nathan .

The obverse Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II was designed by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS

Like the coins from 1987, the designs on both obverse and reverse are framed with the ornate crenellated border peculiar to Britannia coins.

The illustrious Britannia, conceived by the Romans  and embraced by the nation she represents.

The coin comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity, box and cardboard outer

Metal: .958%  fine silver

Quality: Proof

Denomination: Two Pounds

Diameter: 40 mm

Weight: 32.454 grams

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