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In 2009 the Royal Mint issued this dual  five pound  coin First Day Cover.

To celebrate the life and times of Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Henry was born  in 1491, his parents were Henry VII and Elizabeth of York,

he succeeded to the throne in 1509, and famously had  six wives.

 King Henry also became a head of a new religion, when he broke away from the catholic church, so he could gain a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. Who had given him a daughter Mary 1st,  but when she failed to provide him with a male heir, he wanted to divorce her, the Catholic Pope, refused permission, so Henry became the head of a ‘new religion’  which became the Church of England, which would therefore, give him the divorce he so desperately wanted.

He went on to marry Ann Boleyn, and she gave birth to Elizabeth in 1533. Still not satisfied, Henry went on to behead Ann, and then he married Jane Seymour who gave birth to a son Edward 1st.

At the time of Henry ‘s death in 1547,  the young Elizabeth, was third in line to the throne. Edward 1st became king in 1547 he died in 1553. Then his half sister Mary 1st, whose mother was Catherine of Aragon, became queen and she died in 1558.

Queen Elizabeth 1st came to the throne in 1558 , King Henry often worried about having an heir who would be a a strong leader to take the throne. He need not have worried, his daughter  Queen Elizabeth 1st was nobody’s fool, and proved herself to be a remarkable Queen. Who dedicated her life in service of the crown, just like our present Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The dual Five Pound  First Day Cover comes complete with commemorative stamps and information folder.

Each coin:

Weight:  28.28 Grams

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Denomination: Five Pound

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated



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