On the 5 June 1944, the D Day landing were scheduled to begin, however due to bad weather, the planned attacked was delayed, until the 6th June. The airborne landings began in the early hours of the morning, this was folled by the combined troops of the Allied  armies of Britain, United States and Canada. By nightfall many of the beachheads had been secured on the five landing areas and victory finally seemed achievable.

The first of three  silver proof coins depict HMS Belfast, who played a significant role in the D Day Battle and to commemorate her service throughout the Second World War.

The second coin pays homage to the airborne troops who flew in and landed on the beaches of Normandy. The plan was to arrive before the main landings and achieve maximum surprise. The airborne landings were a great success, making a huge impact and paving the way for the  rest f the troops arriving in their wake.

The third coin depicts , a soldier  and commemorates the landing at Sword Beach, this site was the furthest left to all the areas chosen for the Normandy  invasion. The plan for Sword Beach was to push across the land securing the beach and link up with the airborne troops who had landed the night before. At 13.00 hours they linked up with the troops at the bridges over the Orne Waterways and achieved their most important objective.

These coins pay homage to all involved in the D Day Landings -Land, Air and Sea.

The medal included with this collection was awarded to all the Commonwealth personnel who entered into the operational service on land in France, Belguim Holland or Germany between 6 June 1944 and 8 May 1945. The red white and blue stripes of the ribbon symbolise the flags of France, Holland and Great Britain.

Denomination: Five Pound

Metal: .925 Silver

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Weight: 28.28 Grams

Quality: Proof

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